• The ideal solution for agricultural ventures. Whether you have farm animals or heavy-duty equipment like tractors, our horse barns offer the perfect solution. These structure feature a central elevated section with two attached lean-tos on each side. The lean-tos can be seamlessly connected to the center structure, creating a continuous roof style, or designed with a distinctive horse barn style featuring a 2ft drop. Horse barns are fully customizable to cater to any agricultural need. Add additional partitions inside to create personalized horse stalls or separate areas for your equipment. Incorporate garage doors for convenient access or introduce windows to invite ample natural light. Safeguard your valuable investment by contacting us now for a complimentary quote!


    A continuos roof allows for an easier flow of rainfall. A vertical roof is recommended for such a long slope but other roof options are available.


    The horse barn style features a break in the roof for a more traditional look. This option is the most popular in the agricultural industry but is fully customizable to fit any need.